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Nearest Clinic For All Your Medical Needs

Karama Medical Center Karama

Welcome to the best clinic in Dubai providing top medical services nearest clinic to me. Our dedicated team of experienced healthcare professionals is committed to delivering quality care in a safe environment. With state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure that our patients receive the best treatment in San Francisco. We prioritize your well-being by minimizing wait times and offering on-call providers and same-day appointments whenever possible. Contact us today to experience the highest standard of healthcare. Our Clinic in Dubai! We are the Al Karama Medical Center, providing top-quality healthcare services. Our dedicated team of Doctors is committed to providing exceptional medical care to our patients. Whether you need a routine check-up or specialized treatment, our Medical Clinic is here to serve you. We are conveniently located and offer a wide range of services, including blood tests. Trust us for all your medical needs.

Our Expert Doctors Karama

The medical team at Best Clinic Near Me is a group of highly skilled and dedicated professionals. They are the cornerstone of this trusted local medical center, offering a wide range of healthcare services to meet the diverse needs of the residents. Each doctor brings a wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring top-notch care for our patients.


General Practitioner

Dr Nasna

Dr. Nasna is a highly skilled medical professional. They bring a wealth of experience to Clinic Near Me with an approach that puts an emphasis on wellness. They treat their patients with compassionate, personal, and expert care.


Head Of Nursing Care

Mr Glen Joe Pendon Jose

Glen is dedicated and passionate about helping patients achieve optimal health. They chose to enter the nursing profession because they truly believe in making a difference to people.


Registered Nurse

Ms Sonia John 

Sonia, a Registered Nurse in Dubai, exemplifies the very essence of compassionate and dedicated healthcare professionals.  Sonia unwavering passion for nursing goes beyond the call of duty, and her tireless efforts in ensuring the comfort and health of her patients make her a true healthcare hero in Dubai.

Contact Best Clinic Near Me

At Best Clinic Near Me our dedicated team of professionals is ready to assist you in any way we can. Feel free to contact us through the provided channels, and we will promptly address your inquiries and schedule your visit. Your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we look forward to serving you with the highest standard of care.

Address: Office 103 Al Karama 3 Building, Kuwait Street, Al Karama, Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971 4 35 88 965

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Our Services

At Nearest Clinic To Me, we prioritize your health and well-being. Our team of experienced healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional care and personalized treatment plans. Whether you need a routine check-up or specialized medical attention, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Quality Healthcare

Welcome to Nearest Clinic To Me, the best clinic in Dubai providing top medical services. Our experienced general practitioners are the best doctors in Dubai. We have been proudly attending to our patients' health since 2010, offering proactive and quality healthcare in a safe and comfortable environment. With state-of-the-art medical equipment and a highly attentive staff, you can trust that you are in good hands. Visit us today for all your medical needs.

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Most Trusted Medical Clinic in Dubai

Outstanding Quality

The Best Clinic in Dubai is renowned for its exceptional care that sets the gold standard in healthcare services. With a team of highly skilled and compassionate medical professionals, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to patient well-being, this clinic has earned its reputation as a healthcare oasis in the heart of Dubai. Patients experience a level of personalized attention that is second to none, from the moment they step through the doors. The clinic's unwavering dedication to excellence is evident in its comprehensive range of medical specialties, state-of-the-art diagnostics, and innovative treatment options. Whether it's routine check-ups, complex surgeries, or specialized treatments, the Best Clinic in Dubai consistently delivers world-class care, ensuring the health and satisfaction of its patients is always the top priority.

Why Best Medical Clinic ?

Welcome to our Clinic, the best Medical Center in Karama. We are dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services to our patients. Our clinic near me offers a wide range of medical services including blood tests and personalized attention. With our professional approach and commitment to national standards, we guarantee your satisfaction. Choose our locally owned medical clinic for top-quality care.

Quality Care

Experienced Staff

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Flexible Appointments

Convenient Location

Comprehensive Services

Quality Care

Experienced Professionals


Comprehensive Services

At Nearest Clinic To Me, we understand the importance of quality care. Our experienced professionals, including the best doctors in Dubai, are dedicated to providing the highest level of medical advice, treatment, and prescription medication. Whether you need a general practitioner (GP) for medical advice or a specialist for specific conditions, our team is here to guide you and ensure you receive the best care possible.


Convenient Appointments

We believe in improving patient access to care, which is why we offer a convenient Same-Day Appointment Booking System. At Nearest Clinic To Me, we prioritize your health and strive to provide timely appointments with our dedicated healthcare professionals. Contact us today to learn more about our appointment booking system and experience the convenience of accessible healthcare.


Patient-Focused Approach

Our patient-focused approach sets us apart. With our Patient Portal, we make it easier for you to manage your healthcare journey. From scheduling appointments to accessing medical records, our portal streamlines the patient experience. At Nearest Clinic To Me, we prioritize your convenience and aim to make visiting us a seamless and positive experience.


Expert Doctors

We understand the frustration of needing immediate medical assistance and not having access to experts. That's why we provide our expert doctors to ensure our patients receive prompt care. Our dedicated team of professionals, including general practitioners and specialists, are available to help you feel better sooner. Experience the Nearest Clinic To Me difference and receive the care you deserve.

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Opening Hours

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Monday - Friday 9:00am - 10:00pm Saturday and Sunday 9:00am - 10:00pm

List Of Insurances Covered

Best Clinics are registered with most of the major insurance companies in UAE, which enables us offering wide variety of coverage for diverse health conditions and treatment options. Our staff undergoes comprehensive training to ensure they adhere to the guidelines and specifications set forth by different insurance companies, thereby guaranteeing a cautious and compliant approach to care.

AXA Insurance Dubai
Enaya Insurance

Should your insurance not be included in the list above, you have the option to use our services and make an upfront payment, subsequently submitting a reimbursement claim to your insurance provider.

Waiting Room

Opening Hours

Here When You Need Us

Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am - 10:00pm

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